My Reasons to Live

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Just look at this smile.

Just look at this smile.

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Yuko’s photoalbum


Yuko’s photoalbum

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NMB48 Team M RESET Stage 140826 - Mari’s Suite Room

Nana: So everyone stay seated, everyone please raise your hands and everyone who wins please keep your hands up.

Reinyan: Wouldn’t it be easier if they stood up?

Nana: They’re not allowed to stand up

Reinyan: Okay, never mind then

Nana: Okay let’s start Janken from Yukitsun then! There’s a prize if you win this everyone! Is everyone ready?

*everyone raises their hands*

Team M: Janken pon! 

Nana: She raised a scissors! Everyone who did rock keep your hands up! If you did paper please put your hands down. Now Anchu.

Team M: Janken pon!

Nana: Scissors again! 

Team M: Wow a lot of hands went down at once!

Fuuchan: Everyone please stretch your hands up nice and high!

Nana: Okay, Yukitsun, one more time. 

Team M: Janken pon!

Nana: This time she did paper. Is there anyone who did scissors? Oh, there’s one at the back! 

Team M: It’s a female! Yay! *claps*

Reinyan: Wow they’re so strong at Janken

Nana: Can you please tell us your oshimen?

Fan: It’s Momoka

Everyone: A kiss? Is it going to be a kiss?

*Momoka wanders around stage with her hand over her mouth*

Nana: Momoka, come to the middle of the stage and feel free to do whatever you want!

Team M: Ask her for her name? What’s your name?

Fan: My name is Mari

Team M: Mari-chan!

Nana: Now you can request your oshimen to do anything you want

Momoka: What, am I going to give her my first kiss?

*squeals and cheers from everyone*

Momoka: What do you want me to do? I’ll do whatever you want. Come on, tell me what you want me to do. Tell me what you want me to do~

Maokyun: Get her to say some sweet words to you!

Ayabaa: Mita, what’s with you

Fan: I want some sweet words!

Momoka: Sweet words… Mari-chan… Okay, I got it. Here I go. Mari, wouldn’t you spend an amazing night together with me? 

*Squeals and cheers from everyone*

Team M: What are you saying!

Momoka: Mari, I have a suite room ready for us

*in the background Maokyun is getting excited and twirling around*

Yuipon: Mita, Mita calm down please

*Maokyun is jumping*

Yuipon: It’s directed to Mari-chan, not Mao-chan!

Nana: It’ll be great if we can do this sort of thing regularly! 

Maokyun: Wait I think Momoka-san suffered a lot of damage from saying those words

Reinyan: Isn’t it really rare that Momo-chan is so embarrassed though?

Momoka: After saying that I was just wondering what I’m doing, mentioning suite rooms when I’m only seventeen

Reinyan: You’re embarrassed about that part?!

Airi: What’s a suite room?

Nana: So if you come to see our stage or watch DMM until the end, you’ll be able to see scenes like this! So please look forward to this, and come visit us again. Although we’re a team like this, please keep supporting us.

*they do final bows and say goodbyes. Momoka comes out at the end*

Momoka: I honestly don’t have anything to say by now! I got it. Okay. Mari can come by at 8:30 and everyone else come by 9 to the suite room, yoroshiku~

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Kojima Haruna [Instagram: nyanchan22] 08.27.2014:
"Summer came❤️"


Kojima Haruna [Instagram: nyanchan22] 08.27.2014:


"Summer came❤️"

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YNN NMB48 CHANNEL - Nandeyanen Camp ~N3 Stage Watch-along~ ‘Why Kinoshita Momoka dyed her hair blue’

(starts from about 2:32)

Momoka: So I’m going to talk about FNS for a bit… there’s actually a reason why I changed my hair to this colour. People have kept asking me why exactly I dyed my hair blue and I kept on evading the question. But I’ll answer it here. At FNS I… became a popular topic on twitter. People were all ‘woah there’s a pink one!’ ‘who is the pink girl in NMB’. The word pink was thrown about a lot, like pink or NMB pink, or pink hair. And when I saw that I thought ‘I’m not pink though’. Even though I did have pink hair at the time, I was all I’m not pink, that’s not me. So I started getting really annoyed and pissed off because I kept thinking ‘what’s with everyone I’m not pink!’ and then the next day I went off on my own and dyed my hair. And then when I came back to the hotel, a member of upper management rang me and said ‘You. You’re blue now aren’t you’ and I said ‘Yes’. Then he told me to send him a photo, so I sent one, and he got mad because it was quite blue. 

Reinyan: That’s not even quite blue, your hair is really blue.

Momoka: And then they got angry and asked me ‘Are you even aware of what you’re doing?’ and I replied ‘I’m sorry I was just angry’. And he said ‘I really can’t cover for you anymore’

Ayabaa: That line you just said really sounded like an impersonation of that manager

Momoka: So he told me he couldn’t cover for me anymore. So I was told to change my hair back. 

Reinyan: Back to pink? 

Momoka: And then it became a question of should I change it back to pink or to black. But as it turns out I actually can’t dye my hair any other colour now with this blue because my hair is fried. So I just had to keep apologising, I actually got on both knees and did a dogeza* while apologising on the phone. 

Ayabaa: Yeah, I saw that.

Reinyan: Even though they couldn’t even see you because you were on the phone!

Momoka: And since I couldn’t change it back he was all ‘What are we going to do with you?’

Ayabaa: Can you stop imitating him!

Momoka: Yeah. I was yelled at a lot for this. 

Ayabaa: I’m not surprised

Momoka: Every time I make eye contact with a staff member they just avert their eyes and don’t look at me. 

Ayabaa: I don’t blame them though

Reinyan: But you’ve only been yelled at by one staff member?

Momoka: Yeah. every time I do something with my hair I always get requests to call certain staff members

Reinyan: Scary

Momoka: So that’s the story

Riichan: That’s pretty amazing though

Reinyan: You have a lot going on

Ayabaa: Momo-chan has a hard life as well, huh. Let’s go back to watching the stage

Momoka: I’m sorry was this story not really needed?

Ayabaa: I’m sure your fans are happy to hear this story

Reinyan: Yes, this is pretty rare. If you’ve been hiding it all this time.

Ayabaa: I’m sure any fan would be concerned if the idol they liked suddenly dyed their hair blue


Momoka: All the staff call me ‘blue’ now. Even Shinobu-san calls me that. There’s nothing left for me now. I should just shave it all off and become a skinhead.

Translator Notes:

*dogeza- a posture when the person gets on both knees and bows their face towards the ground so they are almost lying flat. this posture is taken when one is deeply and sincerely apologising for their actions. 

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Tomochin + caps

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Yukko mama is holding a gun!!!

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Kojima Haruna [Twitter: @kojiharunyan] 08.27.2014:
"came back 💛💛💛 "


Kojima Haruna [Twitter: @kojiharunyan] 08.27.2014:

"came back 💛💛💛 "

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2 years already… Time surely flies so fast…

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Nyannyan, where r u??? LOL

Today’s ANN will be hilarious…

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